Vote for "The Wildwood Flower"

We're trying to win a grant for our store, "The Wildwood Flower" and we could really use your help. We need 250 votes for our grant proposal to be considered. It could really make an amazing difference for our store. We could add in a concert hall and gallery space that could also be used for community workshops, as well as fix an ancient heating system and many of the other problems that go hand and hand with an old building.

Go to the link above and click on the blue button that says "login and support". You can login using Facebook. Type in "The Wildwood Flower" under business name or "Rochester, VT" under state and town and then hit "support" to vote. You can support more than one business so if you see this and enter your own business, please support ours too!


Anonymous said…
Thank You So Much Bonnie ! We are half way there !

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