Handmade Dress

I've been meaning to make this dress for a while, and finally found the perfect excuse... a wedding! This weekend were off to an old college friends wedding, and as there was nothing in my closet that was particularly enticing for this special occasion, I got out the scissors and sewing machine and set to work. Okay, it took way longer than expected... maybe a week and a half of broken minutes here and there, but nothing ever gets done as expected with my wild babe running around. I'm just glad I gave myself extra time before the wedding to do it. I think it's pretty fun... I'm a little worried it makes me look wider than I am, but I usually feel a little self-conscious in dresses.

I got to use some Anna Maria Horner fabric called "Baby Bouquet" that I got on clearance a while back and have been hoarding for just such a project. It's super soft and almost silky feeling material. I love it! The pattern is " New Look" #6887: style D w/ sleeves from A. The pattern looks relatively simple, but there were a few complicated parts of the construction that slowed me down a bit having to do with the inner placket. Pattern reading is one of my least favorite parts about sewing. It feels much more natural when I construct things from scratch because then I don't have to stumble through someone else's confusing instructions and construction methods. But I'm hoping that by using patterns for sewing clothes I'll get more a knack for designing my own clothing patterns and then I'll be able to make all sorts of wacky things. Muhahahah!


Karen said…
bonnie that dress is gorgeous! you are very talented. i am nervous to learn to sew (very right-brained, it all looks so left-brained), but hoping a few classes will help!
Jenna said…
Great dress Bonnie! Perfect for the wedding (love the flats too!)

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