Jake Sawyer and Huckleberry Oon'

Sorry to disappear for a bit. That river of life just keeps moving me along. And it's been one of those weeks that was just plain hell, and there's no better way to put it... sickness, numerous doctor's visits and tests, a sore throat on top of other sickness, and for good measure, poison ivy all over my hands. And we had to miss a trip to the science museum with friends. But this weekend has restored the balance a bit. The blasted heat finally let up. The sandbox is nearly finished. (It could still use some more bags of sand, but we've enjoyed it anyways.) I am hopefully on the mend... at least the fever and nausea from earlier in the week are gone. And really, Mr. Jake and Miss Oona are as always, keeping things light and fluffy. We've been splashing in Oona's tiny kiddy pool and dipping our toes in the sand. This evening we enjoyed the first summer concert in the park. It was a marching band and Oona was marching and hopping right along with the music. She was also making the rounds inviting herself onto the picnic blankets of friendly faces. I'm looking forward to more of these outings, and with any luck, some good health too!

Good health to any readers I have left out there!

P.S. Comfrey works wonders on poison ivy!


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