Getting Ready for One

Happy October! I know the next couple months are just going to fly by around here, so I'm getting an early start on planning the little one's first birthday. I don't think we're going to have a huge party or anything, I just want to make it a special day to celebrate the first beautiful year of her life. I can't believe it's already so close! It makes me happy and also a little weepy to think someday my baby won't be a baby! It falls on Thanksgiving this year, which I think is pretty darn cool. I have, as usual, an overly long list of birthday projects to make for her, but will be happy if I can accomplish just a few of those. I've already got her outfit ready!

I made this cupcake dress from this cute pattern I found on Etsy a while ago. I still have a little bit more fabric and might make her a matching bib or some pjs or something... Any ideas?

The purple birthday hat is lined with interfacing to make it stiffer so it can stand up tall on her head and it's decorated with handmade felt flowers. I had her try it on the other day, and she tolerated it after the initial fuss of putting it on, so I think it's good to go! I'm thinking pumpkin or carrot cake for her first sugar high! What else? Do we need an elephant? A pony? A giraffe? Just kidding!


So much fun! Virginia turns one tomorrow, I almost can't believe it! One year ago today I went about my business as usual. Little did I know ...

We're having a birthday party on Sunday. I'm going to make party hats too, and I'm going to attempt to make a diy photobooth, with cardboard props and everything! I should probably get to work ... haha. This blog has lots of fun party ideas:
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Happy Early 1st Birthday to Virginia! So exciting! It's funny to think there was a time when we didn't know our babes, and it's also funny to imagine how much they'll change in the years to come!

I'm sure the photo booth will be lots of fun! Thanks for the link! Hope Virginia has a great 1st b-day!

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