Pumpkin Boats and Pumpkin Babe

After last years trip with my parents to the pumpkin boat races in Burlington, it's sort of become a tradition around here. Every year some crazy and diligent people grow giant pumpkins to carve out and race on the banks of Lake Champlain. They usually dress up for the occasion. The people in the boats below were dressed as Dorthy and some sort of hippie guy, I guess? The hippie guy won this particular race...

For the special day, I made Oona a special pumpkin hat... my first crochet pattern from scratch! Of course, it was too hot out, and so we only put it on her to take a few pictures with some of the ginormous pumpkins and her lovely grandparents, but she doesn't look too happy about the photo shoot.

Here she is in our yard today tending her own pumpkins that she hopes will someday be ginormous too.

Yes, she does have a sad looking bruise on her cheek, of no fault of the pumpkins, but from falling into the coffee table. Ouch!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! Watch out for those coffee tables!


Anonymous said…
What a great day! ~mom

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