Stitching up Loose Ends

Lately life has been about loose ends (maybe it always is). I've been finishing projects that have long been dormant, getting the house ready for winter, and getting ready for upcoming travels. I finally finished the edging on this piece of needle felted artwork I did ages ago. I have a couple of large bowls that I stick projects I just don't quite have the energy or materials to finish, and this piece of needle felting has been sitting in one of those said bowls since before little Oona came to this world! Goodness! All it needed was some blanket stitching around the edges, but the time to do it escaped me somehow.

I also ventured in the bed room today to do some tidying. This particular room is perhaps the most neglected. It's so hard to keep a dresser organized. I often end up with more clothes on top of the dresser or to the side of it or ...gasp!... on the floor! And it's usually the last room I clean if guests are coming because they often don't have any reason to go in there. So, it is the forgotten land! It felt good to get in there today and make it almost respectable. Well, I'm sure you didn't need to know all that, but it's raining hard outside and I have mama brain, so there you have it!

Good weekending to you all! Perhaps I'll pop in soon with a project I didn't start over a year ago!


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