Spring is here!

Happy Spring! It doesn't feel much like it today, but there are little signs that warmer days are nearing. I've spied tiny specks of green in the yard and after a few lovely porch sitting days last week, much of the snow has melted. I've been terribly unproductive lately, a bit of sickness mixed with a bit of too much daydreaming and an addiction to watching murder mysteries with Belgian detectives leads to not getting much done. So no new projects to show. But we did find a little quilt shop on the way back from some errands earlier this week, and I picked up some fabric supplies. Hopefully they will give me the inspiration to start a new sewing project.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I think Terrapin has found a new hiding place in the cupboard. He's already all too familiar with the lower kitchen cabinets, but now he's managed to find his way to the upper level.


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