Ribbon and Bread

Life certainly feels full these days. There's been lots of planning, lots of daydreaming, and lots of gathering. Jake and I were both sort of feeling a mid-winter funk, but it seems to have lifted as of late. Not sure why... maybe just knowing the snowy days will soon have to give way to Spring. I'm feeling very positive about many things and hoping a hell of a lot. We had a beautiful day today on our weekly grocery expedition. I love how small VT always feel, as if you know everyone in the whole state. I dragged Jake around downtown and found a few odds and ends... some pretty yellow napkins and that delightful aqua ribbon pictured above and the fun little trivet you see below. I have a little coriander plant planted in there that has not yet grown to see the sun.

And this evening, after enjoying a terrific dinner of pasta and homemade tomato sauce with ukulele music, I looked around our surroundings and felt very grateful for all the color in our life. Lots of plants, brightly colored rooms, silly paintings, lovely people and kitties to share it with. Yes, I do feel very hopeful these days. Sometimes you just have to turn your head around and the world looks a whole lot different than it did the day before.

And here is something awesome that I wanted to share with you before I go watch a detective show with Jake, Septembear's Rosemary Bread. I baked it the other day, and it is very delicious, and not very difficult, as far as bread making goes. You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!


First of all, I wasn't dragged... I like little shops! I had to drag you, Ms. Rose, away from your meandering to show you the trivet(s)!

The pasta tonight was yum, but better yet was yesterday's feast that Bonnie played down: the rosemary olive loaf she made was AWESOME as was the split pea soup she made, too!

I think it's true that the world looks a lot like how you're looking at it, though. Sometimes grim grey weather for weeks on end can get anyone down.

Ok, lovely post my love, back to playing my ukulele!
Rosemary bread,mmmmmm bet it was delicious.
Did you get much snow...the promised 12"+ of that white stuff? I hope the forecast is all wrong. I'll call again soon. What time are you eating?
Karen said…
bonnie, i love your ribbons and crafts and that bread ... YUM!! i have yet to make a decent loaf, mine are always too dense and heavy. thank you for the thoughtful post you left on my blog that basically says you understand. i needed that!
Sarah K said…
i do pine for the smell of freshly baked bread, and for that (even if karen says hers come out too tense) you and karen are *way* ahead of me; i can't bake to save my life. i always try to use whole wheat everything and no sugar anything (like bananas, dates for replacement) and they become dense flour mush. may as well be gruel. ;) or taste like pure baking soda - which i probably shouldn't be using much of, anyways - because i need to use so much to compensate for the dense flour. haha. all because i take too many liberties with recipes. :) (ok i went on quite at length about that!)

happy to hear you've arrived upon happy, healthy days. spring! well.. when this storm passes! hope you weren't hit too bad! should be the last! and then *maybe* the roads will be clear enough to travel!?
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hi Sarah,
I try very hard not to use white sugar, but I do replace it with honey... usually using less then the recipe calls for. In fact, I almost never eat white sugar now unless someone else has added it to something. We started making our own pasta sauce to cut out the added sugar. I need to find a good wheat bread recipe too. I like to tinker with recipes too to make them healthier, but you have to know the limitations of the recipe. Too much tinkering, and results can be bad. Haha.I'll let you know if I find a good wheat bread recipe.

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