Magic Pomegranate


 Last week I celebrated my 37th dance around the sun. The day was filled with tiny gifts from tiny hands, a beautiful morning walk and bakery date with my sweet husband, poky and fiction, gorgeous flowers from my farmer florist friend (Kismet Farm) , baking with my girls, and sharing a magic pomegranate. Pomegranates, the jewel of the produce section, are a symbol of life and prosperity.

I like to celebrate my birthday like the new year, by setting intentions and giving myself a restart. And then I get to reset again in January. Awesome, right? Here they are!

37 Goals Intentions for 37:

  1. Be present for those I love
  2. Take more walks in Nature
  3. Make time for art
  4. Sew clothes for myself
  5. Have more living room dance parties
  6. Be better to the Earth and reduce consumption
  7. Call my family more
  8. Write more letters
  9. Experiment in the kitchen
  10. Make more time for reading
  11. Let go of things not needed
  12. Try to find joy in the "have to's"
  13. Stop saying "I'm wasting time" when doing something fun
  14. Make patterns
  15. Meditate more
  16. Take a weekly adventure
  17. Start journaling again
  18. Let go of things that are working against me
  19. Learn to knit
  20. Learn to take more mindful photos
  21. Finish things
  22. Get organized about dreams
  23. Get serious about saving money
  24. Work on healing my body
  25. Run
  26. Spend time with the trees
  27. Be patient 
  28. Make things with the kids more
  29. More pillow fights
  30. Embrace failure
  31. Connect with new friends
  32. Learn to ski
  33. Clean out the kitchen cupboards
  34. Go camping
  35. Pet Kazoo more
  36. Allow for change
  37. Rest


Unknown said…
Those are fabulous goals. You've inspired me to reset!

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