It's that time of year in the North land when little glimpses of summer gardens, days at the beach and green grass on the toes start creeping into my imagination. While I try to also appreciate the snow capped mountains and warm fire glowing, it's these visions of warmer days that keep me going.

I love color all year round, but it is especially essential to me in the winter months. Bright balls of yarn and jewel toned mermaid tails keep my heart from sinking into the barren landscape outside. If I could paint a rainbow on the whole world outside my walls, I think I just might, but I guess that's why we have Spring. And stories... stories keep me from freezing in my tracks, and getting swallowed whole by the icy monster that stretches across the land. Today, perhaps, you can find your own story in these strange fish folk that I've stitched into being. I'm sure it involves splashing and a dazzling coral reef.


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