Summer Reading and Making

Summer is a time where it feels like you can move mountains. All those things you've said, "I'll do that in Summer" flood back to you, and it's time to go. Maybe it's the longer hours of daylight or maybe it's all that vitamin D giving you an energy boost, but it seems that a lot more actually can get done in the Summer. Of course, it's never all that you think you'll get done. Because there's always swimming and picnicking and trail walks and camping and all those other fun things to do that help fill the days. And for me, there's also long lists of Summer reading and Summer crafting that I also have to sneak in some how. So I don't forget, I'm going to share those lists with you today.

Summer Reading (most of these are with the kids):
- "Lost Merry-Go-Round" by Dorthy F. Lathrop (a vintage flea market find with amazing illustrations)
- "Herb Fairy"series (with the added bonus of getting to learn lots about practical herbs with the kids)
- "The Cats of Tanglewood"
- The last book in "The Wildwood Chronicles" I've been reading these on my own
-  "Radiance" Catherynne M. Valente... I haven't opened this one yet, but Jake said it was good. This one is Sci-fi.

*I'm sure I will be adding to this list. We're off to the library tomorrow!

Summer Crafting
- Shorts for all!
- garden smocks for the kids
- sun bonnets
- Fixing Lucy (Oona's favorite doll who has been loved to shreds)
-  three dresses for a wedding
- summer nightgowns for the girls
- quilts for the girls (or at least starting on them!)

*This list gets even bigger when 

I'd love to hear your reading suggestions, if you have any, for kids or grown ups or both. We read a lot of chapter books out loud as a family. I'd also love to hear what you're making, even if it's a recipe or story or something not quite crafty. I hope you're feeling the burst of energy of these first days of Summer.


mirari said…
nothing better for a warm summer than reading aloud the chapters of maya the bee, the original, by waldemar bonsels

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