Farmer's Market Summer

Happy Summer Solstice! Oona just got out of school yesterday, so today is both the first day of summer and the first day of summer vacation for us. I have been looking forward to summer break for months. It's just nice to get up a little later and throw away the schedule for a little bit. Though I know summer offers too many opportunities for fun and adventure to truly slow down. Oh, and there's lots of work in the garden to be done, too.

I have already gotten myself booked once a week for our local farmer's market. It's good motivation for me to make more crafts. And because it's on our local park, it's also great fun for the kids to run around with all the other children. Now, if only the rain would stop threatening on farmer's market day, I'd be a happier camper.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


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