Rain, Sun, Fresh Air

There's mist and rain today, but it finally feels like we are shedding our winter layers. The grass is turning green, little sunshine daffodils are starting to bloom and the crocus's are now past. Spring both comes and goes so quickly here. The forsythia we took back in a jar from CT are now ready for the compost and have been replaced with a couple miniature daffodils. Projects are also in bloom. Those dresses the girls are wearing are there Mommy made dresses for Easter. I nearly gave up on trying to make them something, but a couple days before, the chirpy little voice of an almost four year old (what? how?) asked if I had made them yet. Sigh... there is nothing I like more than making something for my littles, and I probably secretly like a tight deadline too. I had originally planned on making them pretty velvet dresses, but quickly discovered I was short on yardage. The floral pattern I used was something I thrifted long ago and there's even enough left to make something for myself. I was thinking of a smock for when I do farmer's markets. I wonder how much longer they'll request matching dresses.

Anyways, I need to go wait at the bus stop and enjoy a little misty rain because my kindergartener has decided she has to take the bus now.

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