Kitty Fairy

I've got a cup of lemon balm tea and a cheery yellow banana in hand as I dust off the key board and brush the cobwebs out of this of space. It's sleepy and grey outside, but my thoughts keep dashing merrily to Spring. Bright felt, memories of warm winds, hand stitching, the first green grass-like leaves of crocus's sprouting, mud and the mossy wet smell of new vegetation... I can feel it coming. But not yet. The fire still burns bright, and I will satisfy my yearning with color and greenery inside today. Thank goodness for fabric and yarn and a million colors of embroidery floss. Thank goodness I will be able to start seedlings indoors any day now, as soon as I can get to the hardware store and pick up some potting soil. 

Soon this little kitty fairy will grow wings, when the time is right, and nothing will stop her from the warm winds of Spring. If you are already experiencing Spring where you are, bottle it up and send it to me. Otherwise, I'll just have to be patient and dream.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


Anna said…
I love your kitty fairy. Beautiful work. Enjoy the last few weeks of winter. Spring is coming!

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