Sheep and Wool Festival

It's flurrying outside right now and the other day we awoke to snow on the mountain top. Those that live in the hills even had a bit on the ground. Yep, it's officially that time of year when cuddling up on the couch with a ball of yarn seems to be just the right medicine. Add a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie and coziness is guaranteed. A few weeks back we had our first visit to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. Wow, it was truly a sensory explosion and with greyer days ahead, I couldn't resist leaving without a couple special woolly treats. It took sometime to figure out the right project, but I've started to work with the gorgeous sea glass colored angora bunny wool (so incredibly soft), and it will hopefully become a nice pair of mittens. I'm hoping there will be enough yarn left for another special project plus a few tiny ones. I have no idea what I'll do with the other skein of lilac... it's only 110 yards, but likely it will be something for my little ones.

I am daydreaming about pumpkin soup, cozy blankets and sitting by the pellet stove. I hope you are keeping cozy and warm too. Cooler days are certainly here in VT.

P.S. The book in the crochet photo is called "When the Sea Turned to Silver" by Grace Lin. It is the third book in a series of wonderful fantasy books, and is a gift for my big girl's birthday. We've read the first two out loud as a family. I highly recommend them both, and I'm so excited to hear the latest tale!

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FrontierDreams said…
My oldest LOVED the first book in that series. I am happy to hear the rest are good, too!
moongirl said…
The book sounds lovely (I will have to check them out!) and the wool festival looks like it was a wonderful event! Love those angora bunnies!
Eileen said…
Beautiful pictures! We are starting to get that shift in the weather also, snow on the mountains and some grey days down below....Love It!

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