There's pumpkin soup simmering (just as I had wished) made from our home grown pumpkins and cumin and cayenne spicy pumpkin seeds freshly roasted. I'm feeling very immersed in "Octobering" today. My preschooler came home from school, and we made a tasty batch of chai. It's the season of warm spices around here.

There was a lot of panic about Halloween the other day when I realized the fabric I had ordered for Halloween costumes never actually got ordered because of an incorrect expiration date on my saved credit card information. With Halloween so close, I cancelled the order and rummaged for anything that might work. Um, this is not to say I was totally zen about this change of plans. I pretty much threw a full blown toddler tantrum, and thought I'd have to take a long trip over the mountain to buy the right colored material.

They had both already decided what they wanted to be, and lucky for me, it appeared to be pretty simple costumes this year. I was ecstatic about this until the issue came up with my fabric order, and then I went into panic mode. I found some sweater scraps left over from orange mittens I once made, and knew that would work for a fox costume. But my little one really wanted to be a kitty, and not just any kitty, but our black cat Banjo who got hit by a car over the summer. I couldn't find any black material in my fabric cabinet or scrap bins. I had to dig through my wardrobe to find a sweater that always felt a little too short. I also got a pair of leg warmers and mittens out of the sweater. The best part about using the sweaters for the ear bands is that now they are warm and cozy. In the north land, costumes have to be warm! Anyways, now to cross my fingers and hope they actually wear them come Halloween. It's the little one that really loves to throw curve balls.

Mmmmmm... time for pumpkin soup!


Anonymous said…
they came out great! Can't wait to see them on them.

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