In the Garden: Sunflower and Morning Glory Stor

I must remember to keep bringing in fresh bouquets while they are still to be had!

Giant sunflowers have been planted in all directions throughout the yard... I can't help but give them human-like qualities when I see them.

That mess of wild in the center of the yard is the garden! It sure is lovely to sit and watch a bonfire with the garden a stones throw away.

Oona in the birch structure covered in morning glories.

The Fairy Thrown adorned in morning glories

My garden gnome, Elsa, resting on the Fairy Thrown.

Nasturtiums at the base of the Fairy Thrown

I love these pale blue morning glories... I love them all, really!

Our faithful sunflowers reaching for the sky so proudly as they do this time of year. I love to see the chickadees feasting every morning.

Oona Vision: close up of a morning glory

Oona Vision: Close up of a sunflower... I love how they are made up of so many little star shapes!

Oona Vision: Inside of a squash flower

Oona Vision: Elsa on the see-saw... You can see our birch structure in the background

Oona Vision: Mama trying to save the tomatoes
Oona Vision: Elsa on the loose
Oona Vision: Red Roses
Jack-o-lantern growing on the hillside

Black beans

Border flower garden
Border flower garden from the roadside and goldenrod

Acorn Squash

A look down at our jungle from on our hill
Oona Vision: Mama lost in the jungle
Squash, pumpkins, elderberries, and kale seed pods... Fall must be on it's way!

The garden in late August here is a bit like a lost world. I've certainly given up on some things, and though I love being out there, part of me dreams of lazier days in late Fall and winter. I'm excited to see the jack-o-lantern pumpkins begin to orange-up. I've become a lazy canner this year and will probably only can tomatillos as salsa because there's just so many of them. I only grew enough to cucumbers this year to eat fresh, as I was not feeling up to the task of pickle making this year, especially since I'm now the only one in the house that eats them. I still haven't been able to outsmart the critters who steal our corn. I thought they'd near forgotten it, but then, a few nights ago, when it was down pouring rain, they appear to have had quite the party in our little patch. I use to blame the raccoons, but discovered a small hole in the hillside near where they grow that suggests possibly groundhogs. Jake also thinks it could be skunks! I just imagine this crazy crew of foxes, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs and moles having a feast and laughing all the while at the silly humans who made it so easy for them to take it! Oh well. We have enjoyed some corn this year, which hasn't always been the case in previous years. I won't go on about my tomato and sadly, pumpkin, frustrations... I'll just say that too much wetness has led to some heart breaking losses. Trudge on... there is still much to do, much to harvest... how is your gardening doing this time of year?


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