All Kinds of Cozy

I crawled into my tiny mouse hole this month, retreating from the collective sadness of too many unfathomable acts. I'll come out again, I'm sure. Who knows, maybe this is me peeking my head out now! I just really needed to step back from the great big scary world for a moment and see the beauty again. I have been feeling very grateful for the long hours with my girls this summer. We went on a wildflower walk this morning. We've been swimming in the river, picking wild blue berries and raspberries, bobbing about in the garden and just enjoying these days that go too fast. We've had a little time with friends here and there, but mostly we've been doing our own thing and enjoying the freedom of no schedule. 

I took a shortened old dresser I found at a yard sale and made a cushion for it out of an extra long pillow so that it could be a window seat in the girls room. I have longed for a window seat since I was a child, but I always thought you needed one of those perfect alcoves to make it happen. No... not true... coziness can happen where ever you make it. Anyways, I hope you are enjoying these long summer days and finding some bits of cozy in your world!

 Oh, and here's a yummy summer treat that Jake came up with recently... it's so refreshing and delicious and the kids love them too!

Mint Lemonade Pops:
- Lemonade (homemade is the best!) I think he used 2 lemons and pitcher of water plus sugar to taste.
- Fresh mint leaves (we used spearmint)

-Steep mint leaves in lemonade... you can boil it together if you like or put it in a pitcher and let it sit in the sun. Freeze mint lemonade in popsicle molds. Yum!


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