Pour Yourself a Cup of Tea

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams.

These days there seem to be constant reminders of the impermanence all around us... muddy leaves decomposing in the garden, snow slowly melting to reveal an earth on the verge of something new,  growing children that make me tear up thinking how swiftly they change each season, each day. There are friends and acquaintances in the hospital, friends who gave birth and some who are soon to give birth. Another doll sewn, another meal made, laundry, dishes, laughing, crying... and the birds are there tweeting somewhere. The drum beats on, even when we are not able to keep the rhythm. I am trying hard to climb out from under my rock, get out in the sun, but like the Earth around me, I've not quite wakened from my winter sleep, and I can't seem to keep up with the changes that must take place. Ah well. Sleepy as I am, I must trudge through this mud season, must except that is part of the reawakening of the earth in these parts and like the daffodils hiding under ground begin to crawl upward to the surface again. How are you? How is your world? Muddy? Rainy? Sunny? Cold? Blissful? Tiresome? I'm drinking some orange tea right now and very ready for bedtime. If only the littlest was on my time clock.

 friend shared this with me, so I am sharing it with you for a little extra beauty in your day:


Megan said…
Hey lady! If it wasn't for sugaring and apple pruning...I would still be holed up in our little house! There is still so much snow to get thru out there...doesn't make it easy to get out! There are finally robins back in the yard...I'm convinced we will see grass soon...and we will welcome it together with our little ones!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Definitely! I saw some tulips or daffodils beginning to push through in the front! I am hopeful.
Lucy Bowen said…
We are firmly into spring - daffodils well and truly in bloom.

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