9/52 Lollipop Kids

Oona: movie star glasses and a little blood sugar
Elsa: too cool for school, don't mess with this one

Disclaimer/ Mother's Guilt: I am not really a big lollipop/ hard candy/ teeth rotting Mama as these pictures might implicate me to be... we bought a small bag of organic vitamin C enriched lolli's to help with sore throats. I admit, it was probably a mistake... one, because I tried one and they really are better than the average lolli and two, because Elsa started asking for her daily lolli which led me to hide them in the car for long car rides so she didn't become dependent on this quick sugar fix. Oh, to be young again and not worry about the state of your teeth. Disclaimer Two: I am also not nearly as saintly about sugar as I'd like to be... we get our fair share in many ways, to be sure.



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