Catching up on 3 months

I meant to post something last week, but time has been flying. Miss Elsa is now 3 months. And just so this busy mommy doesn't forget all the amazing things she does, let me indulge myself with another list (yes, you can expect one every month).

- Clearly, the girl can drive a car... well, with a little help from Daddies legs.
- She can roll over from her belly and is getting awful close to doing it from her back.
- She is suffering from a bit of colic (hoping to figure out what's causing that soon)... not really an amazing baby trick, but worth noting.
- Loves grabbing and chewing on things... she has an extra strong grip on my hair.
- Loves to be outside, my little tree fairy.
- Loves music (how could she not?)
- Makes delighted coos that are on the verge of laughter.
- She seems to be taking careful notes of everything big sister says and does.
- She's a super detective tracking things with her eyes.
- Has started to grow fond of some of her toys. 

Ok, is that not an extremely adorable driving baby photo?! I won't show you the one with her famous frown because it's too heartbreaking.


Anonymous said…
213come on...send her us the frown! We can handle it...and we know she's happy most of the time. ~ Baba and Papa
Karen said…
that outfit looks adorable! i recognize it!

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