Clocks that Don't Tell Time

I'm sitting here with nothing but the sound of rain on the roof top... odd for it to be so quiet, but I'm happy to know the garden is getting watered. Everyone's in bed but me which seldom happens. I've been working on a secret present for Jake's 30th birthday (coming very soon), but my hands are tired so I'm taking a break.

 I'm sorry to have disappeared from blog land for a spell. We've had many visitors of late, which seems to be the norm this time of year. I've been lucky to get to catch up with a number of good friends in the last few weeks, some in person, some by phone, and a couple have sent me some good old fashioned snail mail.

(I should really count the number of clocks in our house that don't actually tell time. )

 Miss Oona gets as excited about letters in the mail as I do!

"Mama, take my picture of my hands holding the tea pot."  
So, I actually have been sneaking in bits of crafting... now to sneak in time to photograph what I've made. I'm hoping to have some more regular updates this coming week of what's been going on in my making world.


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