The Cuckoo

Hello! I'm a bit out of sorts of late. I'm trying to force myself to blog a little more even when there's not much creativity to share with you in the hopes of motivating myself to get back to creating. I feel very much out of rhythm. I constantly think to myself if I could just get things in order, I'd be able to do so much more each day. Instead, there is a lot of fatigue and wasted moments, and a lot of confusion about what I ought to be doing. The rain is beating down pretty hard in these parts, and I want to curl up under the covers and not get out of bed each day. But the little one would never let mama get away that, so I drag my zombie self out of bed, eat a few brains and wait for bedtime. There's been too much movie watching, mindless internet browsing, sitting in a heap on the couch, eating too many cookies, etc going on around here. I'm feeling a pull back towards drawing again this time of year. I just need to figure out how to pick up the pencil again. We'll see what happens. I get very bored being a slug, so things have got to change soon.


girl, I'm in the exact same boat.

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