Lost in the Woods Again

We've had a few good nature walks this last week, one today on a country dirt road, a few on a favorite trail through the woods. I feel so good when I'm out in nature, and then I come back to reality, and it hits me hard. This evening we came home from our nice afternoon out, and the suddenly realized late bills and the messes that have been staring at me for oh-too-long, made me a bit nutty. Sorry family for the embarrassing outbursts! I had to spend the evening getting things back on course... well, hopefully, they're back on course. I can't list all the reasons why here because they're too numerous, but I've felt so behind on everything lately. I wish very much I could live a simpler life. Take walks. Spend time with the family. Breathe. Eat good food. Read stories. Be creative. But there are so many other things that go into a life, that make that simplicity hard to find, despite my best intentions. Sigh. Okay, I need to get a good nights sleep too I suppose. I just wanted to release some burdens from my shoulders before I head off to bed... hope nobody minds.


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