July in Your Eye

It's been one of those weeks that's both too long and too short all at the same time. Too short because I love my family and am so glad to see them. My grandparents came all the way from Florida, and my parents brought them up from CT to see us. Oona loved having so many grandparents around to adore her and splash around with.

It was too long only because now I'm dead tired from all the things we did! Oona, Jake and I marched in the Fourth of July parade with "The Wildwood Flower Green Mountain Dragon Wagon". Oona looks super tired in the picture below because we'd just finished marching through the hot sun. It was touch and go whether we'd finish the dragon wagon in time. We started out making a paper mache dragon that didn't dry in time to paint it. So Jake came through for us by cutting out and spray painting this wooden dragon. My mom and I painted the details on the face, wings and tail. I think Oona knew she was riding in style.

We also celebrated my mom's birthday which is actually tomorrow a little early. I hope she has wonderful birthday resting up from her visit with her busy bee granddaughter.

Ooo! And look! The morning glories are out!
Enjoy your weekend! I'll be vegging out in the kiddy pool.


Anonymous said…
We worked hard this past week with tight deadlines to finish a HUGE project. The extreme heat and busy schedule made sure we all earned our sleep at the end of the day. thanks for the fun and birthday gift. The cake was great and I love my new necklace, especially. Now off to dreamland. First I will reminisce about my sweet grand babes smile. I am blessed. Love you, mom

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