My Mei Tai and Baby Soakers

Here's a couple of mama projects I wanted to share with you. Above is a mei tai carrier for snuggling baby close. I hope baby loves it and gets a lot of use out of it because making long straps is one of my least favorite things to do with fabric and this project was no exception! The pattern is by "Sew Liberated" It's a simple and easy to follow pattern, just set aside a good chunk of time as there's more cutting and stitching then it might appear at first glance.

These little woolies are soakers/ diaper covers. I have a bunch more to make in various sizes and colors, but I have a good start. These are from a free crochet pattern I found on the net. (Nise's Crocheted Soaker Pattern) It's the second pattern down on the page. I made the leg cuffs a little shorter than the pattern recommended because I liked how it looked. I also opted to add the drawstring. I'm hoping to design my own pattern for soakers once baby comes along, and I have a model to try things out on.

More from Mama/Baby Land soon! It won't be long now before we get to meet this little traveler from the moon.


Karen said…
bonnie, all those things are so cute! you are truly so talented. i'm hoping to get more action on my own sewing machine this winter. i LOVE sew liberated, and finn! oh, finn!!! did you know she used to be a montessori teacher? love. glad you're well! oh i am using that bag you made me for my knitting!! love!!

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