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Happy Halloween! I've been a bad blogger again. There's always too much to do in a day! Also, this whole growing a baby thing has got me extra tired! I'm ready to go back to sleep before the day has even begun. Not too much longer though... I'll be at 37 weeks on election day. Recently I took a trip back to CT for a week to visit family and friends and go to my baby shower thrown by the grandma's-to-be. I'll have to post some pictures soon of the shower (when I can figure out how to save them in the correct format) and of some of the wonderful gifts Baby Wildwood received. I'm still scrambling to unpack it all and get the babies room all prettified before the big day.

But for now I just wanted to share with you a few things that I've been making in the studio.

First is this little baby sweater... that I think might have come out a size or two bigger than expected, but I'm still proud of it as it is the first sweater I've ever crocheted, and made of ultra soft alpaca wool. You can find the pattern here . I altered it slightly by adding stripes and the little pom poms. I'm hoping to make a matching hat too if I have the time.

And these are something not for baby, but for a customer... two lavender and flaxseed snake neck warmers. I'm hoping to make more of these for the Etsy shop soon and also do a rather large update as it's been quite a while. I'll keep you all posted on that.

Finally, here are these Korean style baby booties I made recently... I'm not sure if they will actually fit on a babes feet, but if not, they'll make a cute Christmas decoration.

Have a spooky day and a great weekend everyone!


Karen said…
nice to see an update from you, bonnie! been thinking about you lots lately! can you email your address to me on facebook again? thanks love!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Yep, I'll message right now!
Anonymous said…
I love the booties. Please post pics of your baby shower goodies soon!

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