Sunday Morning Before the Birds Sing

I've been finding myself rising early lately. First thing, Mr. Terrapin gets fed. Then nausea takes over. Finally relief. I sit and eat a bowl of yogurt, my way of neutralizing my churning stomach. Then, perhaps, I'll poke around on the internet...maybe blog as I'm d doing now. Then I do my "Yoga Momma" video if there's enough time. I discovered it recently as I've been wanting to try yoga and pregnancy seemed as good a time as any. I wish I could do classes too, but it's not really in the budget at the moment. After I'm done, my dear heart usually rises (sometimes I wake him) and I eat second breakfast with him. (Yes, ever since baby has come along I have to eat twice to start the day... yogurt and then something more solid.) We either head on a walk or watch Democracy Now or some PBS program. If we go for a walk, we'll usually take a little time afterward to go to the river and meditate. I love how routine the morning can be. I love how simple and quiet it is.

Today the sky is watering our garden, so I don't think we will be going on any walks. Jake is still in dreamland. The store does not open until eleven and I think I'm going to take my time this morning and revel in the quiet. Revel in the simple. And maybe have some good petting of the kitty. Good morning!


Karen said…
wow, 4:44 a.m. IS early! what time do you go to bed, dear bonnie? i like the slow, quiet rhythm of your days. i strive for that, too.

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