By the Seashore

Hello! Sorry I've been missing again! Life is just too busy these days, and I don't expect it to let up any come September. But my love and I did manage to get a bit a rest and relaxation at the beginning of the week, visiting some family friends at the seashore. It's so nice to breathe that salty air, sit on the sand, build castles and dragons, crochet on the porch, and just take a break! We both can't wait to take our little baby to the ocean as we know they'll love it too. I wish we could have stayed longer!

We just got our new camera (if you recall, we broke our good one on our last big adventure to New Mexico), and I've been using our not so great old camera. But have a look at these lovely shots Mr.Jake took of our trip to the sea. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of recent craft projects.


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