New Mexico

Hello! Hello! I'm sorry to have disappeared again for so long yet again. Jake and I have been visiting his father in the "land of enchantment" as it's called, New Mexico. I meant to drop in here while I was there, but wasn't able to get on the internet. We got back late last night and I feel as though we stepped through a portal to a totally different world... one of sage brush and clay to another of rolling green hills. They are both lovely in their own ways, but there's no place like home. That said, we did have a wonderful time in NM with Jake's Dad. We hiked the ridges around his ranch and drove around to see the remains of ancient communities built in and around cave walls. We also took a trip to the National Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque which was a bit sobering at times to see the destructive things humankind is capable of building. There were some beautiful and haunting photographs from Nagasaki and Hiroshima of people and places before and after the atomic bombs were dropped. We also visited the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe, which was one of my favorite stops on the trip. It always amazes me the variety of creativity of different cultures around the world. It was reaffirming to see the beautiful things human beings can create after seeing the destructive things at the previous museum.

We took some pictures, but unfortunately our camera took a horrific fall when we were visiting the cave dwellings at Bandelier National Monument. We're going to get it fixed, but it might be a little while before I have photo posts again. I will put up some of the photos that we do have from the trip if we're able to upload them sometime soon.

I hope you are all having a merry merry May! And all you mother's out there, I hope your mother's day was wonderful! Happy Mother's Day Mom! We all love you!

More soon! I'm going to get this blog back to it's regular intended schedule of every Sunday. Sorry to be so confusing. I am not as organized as I'd like to be!


Karen said…
dearest bonnie,

i'm so terribly sorry it's taken me forever and a day to get back to you ... and you've been commenting like mad on all my recent posts! (very thoughtfully, i might add ... your support and encouragement really means a lot). i'm just glad we're in touch again. i believe we have very similar souls. <3

sarah did bring me some news along with her visit .... ;-) all i can say is ... wow!! and it makes me so very happy.

i want to know more ...

how are your eyes? i'm not sure i remember what was wrong with them ....

been reading about your doings. it always sounds so lovely and relaxing up there in VT.

i was also noticing that we follow some of the same blogs (curious bird, soule mama). i think you should also check out tales from the schoolhouse and beauty that moves from my sidebar...two more awesome awesome blogs <3

oh oh!! and:: salt and chocolate mama (also on my sidebar)

hope you are happy, healthy, rested and well. i miss new england so much. this christmas, we must see each other, it's literally been years!


Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hi Karen,

Lovely to hear from you! I'm glad you've heard our happy news! I'm going to be sharing it here on the blog soon.

My eye condition is called "dry eye"... for some reason, probably environmental, my eyes don't produce enough tears which makes them very dry. It's hard to read or write for prolonged periods. It strains them some to write this or to write the blog, but I miss it too much so I'm dealing with the discomfort. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do to fix my problem short of possibly moving to a different house.

I'll check out those blogs you mentioned. And I'm glad we're back in touch... sorry that I let my eye problems get in the way of communicating. I need your address again so I can send you some snail mail.

Glad to hear from you! I'd love to see you sometime when you make it back to the New England, either in VT or CT. Hope you're doing well!

ClareRowland said…

unpacking in a new home i found a lovely card you sent me years ago and was reminded of your captivating illustrations. your creativity and grace shines and inspires! and sam passes along the news that you are happy and well. i'm glad. hi to Jake too please!

Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hello Clare! Glad to hear from you! And thank you! It's nice when other people can get joy out of something you make. I hope you are well and happy in your new home! And I'll pass on the hello to Mr. Jake.


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