Darn! I'm already a day off schedule on my Sunday blogging. My apologies! It was a busy weekend with my parents and older brother visiting so I was a bit distracted. But we had a fun time with ice cream and a bad sci-fi movie with Sean Connery and homemade bagels and a taco feast. Somehow we manage to have many feasts when visitors come to the North land. I think it's part of our gnomish ancestry.

Fortunately and unfortunately our Monday grocery shopping plans were thwarted by some problems with our car battery, so I have some time right now to write a little. Poor Jake is off to buy a new battery. Hopefully the car makes it to the auto parts store without any more difficulties.

I'm feeling a little sad Spring has chosen to hide away on us. It's been cold and rainy the past few days. The unusually warm weather we were having earlier in March definitely tricked me.

Oh no! I'm trying to upload photos but blogger is mysteriously saying that they're uploaded meanwhile not entering the code. Ok, I give up for now... I'll try to post them up tonight if it will let me.


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