"Maiden Crone"

This is a painting I made recently that I've been meaning to post. It very much reflects my feelings about what has been going on in our country and around the world these days, and the hope that I have in people to make changes big and small, to open up a new world of dialogue and ideas and imaginative thinking and most of all, a world based on human kindness, and not cruelty. I hope that the results of this election will truly embolden people to stand up again for their ideals and not feel that they will only be meet with deaf ears. There are still many things that need be changed about this country, and we need to speak and sing and paint (and curse when we feel it's all not working very right). But I do think this is a start, and I'm very much heartened by the unity and determination I saw in my country yesterday to begin to make these changes.


Anonymous said…
HumbleUker said…
A world based on human kindness. This is on my mind so often. So much if life is human busy-ness. How do we become instruments of human kindness and compassion?

Jeff http://humbleuker.blogspot.com/

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