"And we live and we shine and we die"

Hello my deers(hehe),

I am joyfully celebrating my 26th birthday today. This beautiful cupcake was brought to you by my parents this weekend... made by the wonderful and terrific bakery in town, "Seasons Books and Bakery". Ooo! Indeed!

In honor of my birthday, I would like to share with you my "New Year's Resolutions":

1) More breathing... yes, more! I would like to begin meditating everyday, as I used to. It seems an essential step in reducing my worrier tendencies.

2) More painting... drawing everyday... it is too important to put off for later. Making art important in my life again will require many steps on my part. And the first part will be making the necessary time for it. The second will be getting myself a website up again so I can share it with you more freely. The third will be finding places to show my art. I would love to start doing art shows again.

3)Going slow, but with purpose... Sometimes I feel this rush to get things done, but then I lose the purpose. I want to put creativity back into every step. I think this will make me happier.

4) Celebrating! Everything...the outdoors, the dishes, the night sky, all the lovely people I know and love.

I'm sure there's more, but that keeps it simple enough. I'm having a beautiful day so far. Mr. Jake has given me some wonderful presents that I will share later, and now he is singing me songs, so I think I will go listen.


Anonymous said…
I love you! Happy Birthday! This IS an exciting day... I'm having way lots of fun!
Happy Birthday, i hope you have a wonderful day:0)
Happy Birthday Bonnie Rose!

Love, mom
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bonnie!!! I hope you get your package soon! Enjoy your birthday!

Digital Misfit said…
Happy Birthday :)


A Canadian who is starting to love and respect her neighbours to the south once again :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bonnie , I hope you enjoy the new improved country we have for you and best of all everybody pitched in.
Love, Dad
Karen said…
i had no idea it was your birthday!! happy happy happiness!! will have to send you a gift by post soon ... or better yet, visit you in VT for christmas ish time... if you'll have me!

love the snowflakes.
Karen said…
and what a beautiful present of obama for you, too!
Sarah K said…
it certainly is a magical time of year, and history, for a birthday!

Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks Karen and Sarah!

Karen, when will you be "home for the holidays" as they say? We will be in CT from Christmas eve until three or four days after Christmas. But before that and after that we'll be back here in VT.

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