Celebrating the Nothing

I love this strange time between Christmas and New Year's Eve of quiet and rest. While my family and I have ventured out a little to hike and ice skate, we've mostly been practicing the art of "doing nothing". It's amazing, and something I don't do often enough.

I've started a new novel, the latest by Murakami, "Killing Commendatore", and we've watched far too much "Star Wars" and started the new season of "Lost in Space". I keep looking longingly at my yarn and crochet hook, but then think, "maybe tomorrow."

Of course, there's a lot of "shoulds" in my head... I should be doing more with the kids while they're on break (but they're playing happily together); I should be cleaning the house; I should be starting new projects; I should be going on exciting adventures while we have time off.

But, it's snowing outside and I am also listening to that sleepy feeling inside of me that keeps saying, "Just enjoy the nothing". It will pass quickly, after all. There's no reason to try to fill it just yet. I will make a lazy dinner and try to give my thoughts time to wander a little. I'm sure by tomorrow I will be thinking of the coming year and wanting to clean up and make plans. But for a little while longer, I'm just going to linger in this in between time that follows the festivities of December. I hope you have a little time of post-holidays to do nothing as well. Cheers!


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