African Flower

Hello, forgotten blog kingdom! Summer tends to turn my brain to mush and the rest of me to a puddle on the floor. My eldest is off at day camp this week and my Mr. is off working on music for a local play. The little and I are watching our family store and pretending to go to camp at home. So far we've painted, made smoothies, picked flowers, played with marbles and clothes pin dolls and dusted the store. Hence, "pretending" to got to camp as we haven't actually done much that's very camp like. I've been using my store hours  to crochet this "African Flower" mandala into a stool cover. We seem to be big fans of stools around here, and I have many more stools I want to make cute covers for so expect to see more soon.

We've had buckets of rain lately, and buckets more of humidity and the garden is a jungle. I'm not sure how much it is producing, but my tomato plants are taller than I am. We certainly have enough zucchini to make the worlds largest loaf of chocolate chip zucchini bread, if only we had a large enough oven. The gladiolas and zinnia are popping in gorgeous colors... I never tire of the flowers.

Lives been a bit harried this week with the irregular schedules, and I'm looking forward to a return to our Summer norm/laziness before we have to swing into a totally different schedule for the Fall. Yes to more swimming, more hiking, more evenings spent in the garden!

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


mary said…
wow...been very busy up there. How I wish you were all a drive up the road! love you, mom
hallampaddock said…
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