Mending Magic

I must admit when I look at my mending basket I get a bit discouraged. Some of those items, whether large or small, seem to live in that basket.  I spied my purple down coat with feathers bursting staring at me one day in that way that unfinished business stares. It seemed to be saying, "Hey, you've gone a whole season without wearing me because you can't seem to stitch up a silly hole the size of a ping pong ball. You're disgraceful!"

I probably push these items to the back of my "to do" list because they are not urgent, though sometimes it means someone will grow out of them before they get fixed. But I think it is also because the work of repairing can seem so mundane. But honestly, it doesn't have to be.

 I've been inspired to mend again by a resent trends in mindful mending, Japanese Boro Sashiko stitching, and my own need to not be wasteful and keep items both beautiful and functional. And since taking out this one coat, I've felt motivated to slowly but surely tackle that basket. Who knows, if I get through it this month, I might be able to use that basket for other things that will inspire me in different directions.

It feels a bit like Spring cleaning to tackle these mending projects. I am also peeping into my unfinished project basket, which can have a similar oppressive quality when I'm not in the right mind set. It is helping to clear space in my little work room and giving me that sense of accomplishment that only a finally finished long lingering project can do. When I've made my way through these baskets as best I can, I'd like to make some patches to have on hand for when one of my two wild children rips another hole in a favorite pair of pants or dress or sock or stuffed animal. I'd love to have some needle felted little animal patches on hand and perhaps some crocheted pieces or embroidered pieces of scrap. Oh, the possibilities!


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