Carving the Moon

The veil of sickness is lifting on our little home. There's still a little bit of rattle in my throat, but I feel a billion times better than I did last week. It's amazing how the world stops when you're sick. Well, not really. Telephone repair guys still show up when your drowning in a sea of mess and the dishes and laundry still manage to pile up even though no one is eating much and jammies become cemented to your skin. I guess what I mean, is, that thinking stops when your sick. Yes, that's what happens. It's remarkable how good it feels to be able to do things again, even when there's still not much rhyme or reason to what you're doing. It feels good to be able to taste coffee and chocolate again. It feels good to have our afternoon tea and popcorn break again. It also feels good to drop my littlest off at preschool for the first time in a week and see the joy from her friends and teacher upon her return.

Today I sat in my work shop and carved a stamp. I filled it with all the flowers I could think of that heal you. It was probably not the top thing I needed to be doing, but I haven't done anything like that since I was in art school, which was over twelves years ago now! I forgot how long it takes! I need to test it soon and see if it actually works or if I need to do some more carving. I think this year will be an experiment year. I've been playing with watercolors too... just making tiny artwork that I can dispose of easily should I detest the results.

Before sickness hung over us, the girls and I made those sweet little clothes pin dolls you see above. We used scrap fabric and colored pencil faces and put a wish into each of them for the New Year. Mine is simply a wish to create. Now that I'm feeling more like myself again, I hope there will be a lot more of that.

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