Newer Every Day

Good bye October. Hello November! I'm running late, as usual.  After an unseasonably warm September and October, we are now getting the proper chill in the air and frosty mornings. I love it!  I celebrated another trip around the sun on Monday. I'm 35! Woohooo! I've lived a third of my life (if I am lucky enough to make it to 105, haha). I'm trying. I've been thinking about turning 35 all year... I don't usually get so focused on my age, but I think there's been something inside me screaming, "Oh no, 35!" as if I'm looking at my watch and saying "Oh, shit, I'm late!" So every time I feel a little panicked about the passing years, I remind myself of this quote:

“We turn not older with years but newer every day.” -Emily Dickinson

Yes, that feels about right. Breathe. Change. And just be. 



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