Quiet Contemplation

 My heart hurts for all the victims of recent tragedies shaking my country and the world. Today is a necessary day of quiet contemplation for me. It is day to appreciate the beauty, mourn our losses, and dream about how things might change. It is a day to think about how I might change, how I might do better, how I might help more. And it is certainly a day to spend some time with my children, smell the flowers, and make something beautiful (but really, that's everyday).

These photos below are from the weekend. We played with paint brushes made from nature. It was fun, but most of them proved to just make a seedy mess on the paper. The girl's both discovered that they liked painting with a feather. Besides the almighty feather, hence forth, the rest of the brushes will be used as magic wands.

Hopefully this afternoon when they return home from school, we can spend some more time painting. What do you like to do to restore calm in times of distress?

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


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