Gingerbread and Lucia Day

Oh, my this time of year is like one quick toboggan ride! It's a little scary, and it just goes so fast, but oh, it is fun! We are getting into the holiday season with lots of making underway, our first batch of gingerbread cookies in our tummies, a tree up (pictures soon) and a cardboard gingerbread house in our store. Today we are celebrating Lucia Day with Lucy Buns and gingersnaps and lots of candles lit in honor of the patron St. of light.  Oona wore her costume to school and shared our goodies with her friends. Yesterday, I put the sewing machine into warp speed to whip out a couple of new white night gowns for the celebration.  We had the crown from years past. We stayed up late rolling out cookies, and I could hardly pull "Lucia" out of bed this morning to bring everyone the first tray of cookies and lussekatter buns. As, for the ginger bread house, it feels like we've been working on that thing forever... a decoration here, another there, and finally Jake got out the boxes to assemble a structure and I spent all this morning gluing. Actually, I'm not even sure it's done because Oona asked if we can decorate the inside... Ah! Well, maybe. I've never been good at saying no. ;)

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Anna said…
What a sweet gingerbread house! Your daughters look like they are having a lot of fun! And well done for whipping up the Santa Lucia outfits in a hurry!

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