Something for the Dollies

The Christmas workshop is in full swing. I'm currently working on crochet/sewn doll carriers for the girls using the crochet blocks you see above. I was going to make them entirely crochet, but realized it would save a bit of time to sew on the backing and straps with some knit fabric. I also finished up some doll diapers yesterday. I'm a little scared looking at my handmade list this year. It's always far bigger than I can actually achieve, and Christmas seems to be coming extra fast this year. We've been reading "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" by Frank L. Baum at bedtime, and I'm slightly jealous of all the help he gets with cooking and daily chores from his magical friends so that he can make beautiful toys all day. I could use some elves around here, for sure. I'm also a little jealous that he gets to live in "The Laughing Valley". It's a wonderful tale (we've never read it before), and I think it might become a yearly Christmas read. I think it's also time to start thinking about making some Christmas cookies... gingersnaps are always first on my list.

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Elise said…
Aw what sweet presents! That book sounds great, although yup to more help! :)

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