I'm 29 today! Happy birthday me! These little nesting dolls were a hidden surprise from my parents. It's the last year of my twenties. So strange to think, as my twenties have encompassed much of my adult life. I started school, finished school, lived in three states, met my true love, learned to sew, started a store with my folks, got married, had a baby... whoosh... and so much more! Lots of changes and lots of beauty and I'm sure some pain in there too! I am so grateful for my life right now! And there's still another year left of this decade for me, so who knows!

It's been a quiet, but beautiful day.

Jake made me these lovely ebony necklaces with pearl inlay representing the stars and the moon and earth. They are each two sided so I can switch them as the mood strikes me.

He also made me this maple trivet holder so I can display my trivet collection on the table. Who knew I had a secret collection of trivets?!

The gnome nutcrackers were another sweet surprise from a dear friend.

And look at this marvelous old book Jake found! He gets a sweetheart award for today.

But my best gift this year was having this little teddy bear to hold and love and laugh with! I'm a lucky girl! Here's to another great year!


Yes, yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3 Jake
Jenna said…
So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! love all your trivets!

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