One Year Anniversary

On Monday we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in the Adirondacks. We visited the area for a couple days. It was wonderfully relaxing to just be out in nature and not have a huge "to do" list staring you in he face or dishes to do or whatnot. We poked around some little shops in Lake Placid, ate the traditional slice of one year old wedding cake, and thoroughly enjoyed our last little get away before our bundle arrives.

I'm at seven months today and quite enormous. My cheeks have gotten puffier too. I don't mind, really, as long as our baby is healthy. I can't wait for November and our little pumpkin to join us in the real world. Birthing classes are making me feel more at ease with the idea of giving birth. It's hard to prepare for something you've never done before, but I'm happy and lucky to have Jake by my side through all this. I think the breathing exercises will be really helpful in the end. I don't feel as scared of labor as I did at the beginning... you really have to take a very zen approach to it, I think, just one moment at a time, and with both joy and pain we will hopefully have a sweet little one to hold tightly.


Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples! Cant wait to meet the newest little Wildwood!

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